Hermes 32cm ‘Bleu Nuit’ Togo Leather Kelly Bag with Gold Hardware

So… if you’ve seen on social media the last few weeks then you will (for the most part) know or have an idea that early December, I flew back early from Art Basel, in Miami because I got a magical little call that my amazing friends at Hermes Bloor St. in Toronto had something very special waiting for me.. So… I got on a flight home and went straight to the Hermes store where I would find this beauty sitting pretty! I am so excited to share my very first Hermes Kelly bag and more so, as I see it, I am so excited to share another milestone for me.. I don’t know if you remember but a couple years back I got myself my Cartier Love Bracelet as a 1 year milestone for taking my blog seriously and doing it as it’s own entity for one year.. Now I celebrate a new achievement and feeling of freedom, prosperity and especially hard-work by acquiring this new lovely piece… Not only is it this milestone, but of course a bag of this caliber has always been something of dream to me so I have acquired this amazing dream bag!! I am always so excited to find an excuse to wear my new bag and funnily enough, fell in love with the dark and deep tone of the navy. I thought I would only ever want black especially because it’s such a safe thing for me to do for such an intense purchase but I actually really like that the navy challenges me and my style and is actually a nice contrast against my regularly black wardrobe… It’s so cool that this ‘bleu nuit’ colour actually changes with it’s environment, some lighting it’s completely black, some it’s bluer then ever and then some times it’s a smokey dark dark grey. LOVEEEEE IT!!!!!

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