COVER GHOUL ? (Get It!?)

Read a little about this year’s quick & easy Halloween make-up routine!

For Halloween this year I didn’t really do much because…. In all honesty, I had (in my opinion) the most epic costume two years ago and have not been able to top it since so I pretty much feel defeated every year due to the lack of inspiration or idea that could possibly top Michelle Pfeiffer as Cat Woman… That being said, I was on the cusp of LITERALLY not even putting a layer of anything scary on for this years festivities.. BUT.. of course, I couldn’t allow myself to hit that much of a low so I used whatever I had in my drawers and put some faces together, for the Halloween weekend look, I did a more of a cat inspired make up.. On Halloween night I made my attempt at doing a somewhat/kinda pretty glam ghoul skeleton inspired look and quite actually ended up really liking how it turned out.. I ended up using nothing but 2 shades of, Urban Decay’s Naked Palette 3 Eyeshadow, 1 of the colours on the NYX Strobe Of Genius Highlighter Palette and a simple felt tip Guerlian Liquid Eyeliner for the entire face!!! It got the point across but still definitely maintained a pretty vibe which (I guess) made it doable for the night!…

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