Up Close & Personal With: Chanel ‘Cercle Prive’ Haute Couture Fall 2015 Collection

Every season, one of my highlights of flocking to New York Fashion Week, is the time I get to spend with my Chanel family at the seasonal Haute Couture appointment. Jump in the car uptown to the Chanel offices, ascend the model maintained elevator to the magic floor where dreams come true and there is nothing but Haute Couture filling up an entire room.. Then you blink twice and realize YAS, this is real (lol!).. This season like every other, I have had the pleasure of once again attending and getting my time with yet another exceptional beautiful and always crazily cool Haute Couture collection from Chanel.. This season, the collection as always had all the signature elements, the iconic jackets, suits, skirts & you know, that iconic Chanel look..

For this season, the collection was themed 3D… Fitting, after learning that pieces and elements from the collection were actually constructed using the 3D printing process to create shell like bodies for jackets and details for other looks… Another amazing element was (as we’ve seen in the past) the blend of elements, textures and textiles… Karl never ceases to amaze me when you really get to look up close at some of these clothes and realize just how much thought goes into everything… The aesthetic was a bit more military with more masculine shapes and silhouettes which obviously I was oohing and awwing over!!

Overall, as you can imagine it was another dream experience with the amazing team at Chanel! Thanks for having me again!! XoJay

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