Unboxing: The Eighth – @the8ighth

Let’s see what’s inside…Continue reading to see!

I mean, to this day, I don’t think that I’ve ever blogged about undergarments, underwear, boxers, etc…. People, we are having moment here! But no seriously, it is with great pleasure that I introduce THE EIGHTH – A luxury menswear undergarment brand from New York that provides a premium experience for the down under!!! I didn’t know exactly what to expect at first.. But MEN, can I say, these things are like butter lol! I was having a sensory overload kinda feeling when I unboxed the briefs and felt the texture…. I mean Vanity Fair gave a huge stamp of approval for these bad boys – I to am undoubtedly on board!!.. Oh and the packaging!? I mean, at $55 a pop, what would you expect right!? Gorgeous individual packing, wrapping, personalized details like their own branded stickers and embossed case holster.. Boo Boo I am living in my Eighth’s….

Check out http://www.theeighth.com for more about these magical lil ol’ things…

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