#TravelNecessities – Rimowa Multiwheel Luggage

There is an art to travelling… Especially when you are travelling at extreme capacities for like fashion weeks, month long journeys, work trips, etc… (all things which I have encountered).. When I first started travelling for my blog I would pack like a hot mess, and struggle around the airport with whatever cheap two wheel luggage I had…. Then the gates of luggage heaven finally opened their doors for me and there entered Rimowa! I had the pleasure of having the opportunity to get some Rimowa luggages over the last couple of years and I must say it’s really changed the game for me… Thanks to Rimowa’s Multiwheel® system the case is easy to move (It literally glides at the airport) even with an extremely heavy load, while the smart design of the inside offers plenty of space for luggage and souvenirs thanks to the adjustable flex-divider system… There are a bunch of different collections that Rimowa has, a couple of my favourites are the RIMOWA Limbo Carmona Red and the Rimowa Bossa Nova collection! Both feature luxurious and elegant colour (but obviously not to much, you don’t want the flashiest luggage screaming LOOK AT ME through the security check lol!!)..) its workmanship, the highest quality materials and its passion for detail.

To learn more about Rimowa and the different
styles of luggages click here: http://Rimowa.com

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