Off-White – CNTRBND-CONTRABAND / Leather Pants – Diesel / Tank Top – Custom / Boots – Surface TO Air

Where I once would realistically only ever where all black, black leather pants, black dr. marten boots, black t-shirts & tank tops, black jackets, bla…..I think you get the point – It’s nice to see that I’ve now noticeably been transitioning to lighter toned clothing, more neutrals, soft colours. I have a few pairs of good light coloured jeans but the real tough bit for me is getting out of black jackets, tops, etc. The other day I went over to CNTRBND-CONTRABAND boutique here in Toronto, they carry such cool brands, Kris Van Assche, Thom Browne, OFF-WHITE and many more. I saw this denim jacket from OFF-WHITE’s recent ‘Moving Still’ collection and legiterally (my new word, legiterally, if you’ve been following you would know it stands for literally and legitimately, for when you need to bring two words into one because one word just can’t express the feeling lol!!!) neeeeeeeded it! Anyways, yeah, so to make a long story short, thumbs up for light colors and also, totally random but I am listening to Kanye West – Graduation right now (obviously not for the first time, I am not THAT basic, like hello!) but like what a good album, I think I’ve learned to appreciate things like this more as I’ve gotten older.. If you have a few minutes you should play it to or play it while your working or something, nothing but good vibes!!!!!!! Continue reading for more pics!!!!

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