On Constant Repeat: Drake – Hotline Bling

I’m probably nearing the 500th time I’ve listened to this song since it came out a week and some days ago.. And then.. On top of it! He gone ahed and done sang it at OVO Fest which just nearly made me fall over and off my chair during the concert! This is my new anthem.. It’s like a romantic, island-vibey sing-a-long song that makes me occasionally think (about every 15th time I play it or so) If he wrote it about me!? LOLLLLLLL!!! Lyrics like ‘you, got a reputation for yourself now’‘ever since I left the city YOU, started wearing less and going out more, glasses of champagne out on the dance floor, hanging with some girls I never seen before’.. it has to be for me like HELLO, DRIZZY!? I HEAR YOU BOO BOO! I HEAR YOU haha!! ANYWAYS… listen and enjoy! Prepare to be hooked!

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