My Haute Couture appintment with Chanel

While in New York, it is mandatory to accept the request of Chanel for their private Haute Couture appointments. There is really nothing like getting up close and personal with couture. The art that goes into couture, still to this day leaves my mind in awe. The nearly infinite hours, countless details – It really does make you look at clothes like art (if you didn’t yet). Art that not only looks beautiful but makes you feel beautiful. Every time I get to attend these Chanel appointments it not only brings me back to that magical trip and experience Chanel selected me to be a part of last year in Paris at their Métiers d’Art but it also rejuvenates my appreciation for fashion, the industry and the art that goes into it.. On that note, let’s reminisce.. Miss this video!

Reminiscing – Here is the video footage I captured from that magical trip & experience I was so lucky enough to be a part of with Chanel… So many great memories from a private fitting, to the shopping center show, all the way to the outsides of Paris to the private Haute Couture ateliers where all the magic happens!! Magic!

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