#MUSICMONDAY: The Weeknd – Earned It

O.k. so yeah, I bought the song when it first came out and was like into it, but not obsessed like how I normally get (#WeFoundLove) – Anyways, I finally got around to watching 50 Shades Of Grey, last week and was completely in love with the movie.. Well by the movie, I obviously really mean, Christian Grey. I am obsessed. Just fucked up my entire standard game, now you have to literally just be him ??? lol #CanILive!?!? – So I was watching the movie and was totally all hot and bothered gagging because like I am literally Anastasia Steele, I’m shy, innocent, love to drunk dial cute boys LMAO!!1 But in the movie when I heard this song drop, I was just like OH YASS BABY YASSS!! Let me let you onto a little secret I have been listening to the instrumental of this song while I have started reading the second book ’50 Shades Darker’…. But seriously since that moment that this song played, along with the crazy in love and haunted remixes from Beyonce, I have been #LEGITERALLY hooked – Oh yeah, LEGITERALLY is a new word I accidentally word vomited up during New York Fashion Week that ended up working its way into my every day haha! — Back on track, yes, so.. I loved the movie, love Christian Grey and love this song! ENJOY!! Xo

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