160 Years of Veuve Clicquot… #Clicquot160

Very few times am I really ever left in awe and filled with wanderlust and dream.. I mean, the last time that probably happened was when Chanel whisked me away to Paris to join them on a multi-day excursion filled with fittings, a very special visit to a very special apartment and some other goodies.. Or… Maybe before that when I got to walk the red carpet at the Cannes Film Festival for the very first time.. I’ve had some moments that have left me in awe and this my friends… This chic-as-ever, 48 or so hour trip with Veuve Clicquot to parts of Canada i’ve never even been to was definitely such a great experience!! What started with a 3 hour train ride from Montreal to Quebec in a Veuve Clicquot decked out train cart or caboose, whatever you would like to call it! It was so chic! We got on board at around 9:30AM, had some breakfast and by 11:00AM (the time that it’s actually legal to drink booze on that part of the country) the Veuve Clicquot began popping!! It was so effing chic!!.. Then we arrived in Quebec where we as a group walked together to our accommodation for the evening, the beautiful Fairmont Chateau Du Frontenac… A place where Veuve Clicquot’s heritage laid rich in the ambiance of this stunning chateau.. Getting to learn that Veuve Clicquot has been in Canada for 160 years.. Meaning that Veuve Clicquot was in Canada, before Canada was even Canada #EXCUSE HER!!!!!!!!!!!!.. Here we had a black-tie dinner for the 60 or so guests that were all invited by Veuve Clicquot…. The dinner was inspired by and modelled after the Queen’s Gala dinner from a period she was at the Chateau du Frontenac.. The dinner was gorgeous from the delicious food down to the copious amounts of Veuve Clicquot, we all sipped and cheers’d with throughout the evening! What a gorgeous experience!

Vive La Veuve!

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