#STRUTwithVERSACE /// Medusa Hi-Top Sneakers

OK! So I’ve been gone for a minute, I know. Almost a month away from the blog. But it’s all been for a good reason! I have been super crazy busy lining up some amazing content and projects. Some I am so excited about and some still in the works.. First things first.. It is with great pleasure I share with you the #STRUTwithVERSACE social media sneaker campaign! Over the next few weeks I am going to be showcasing and sharing my favorite Versace sneakers currently and newly available on the beautiful Versace e-commerce website.. Anyways, with that being said, allow me to introduce the first series of our collaboration in the Versace Medusa Hi-Top sneakers!.. For this first part I hollered at my good friend Matt Adam to shoot and capture the ultimate #STRUTwithVERSACE moment from hi-top-of-building hi’s to cool down low-underground vibes and I think we got it! Check it out and please enjoy!!…


Versace Medusa Hi-Top Sneakers

My thoughts on the sneaker? Without being bias and don’t think I am just saying this because of the situation.. But to be really, severely honest with you, they are actually DOPE!! The leather is beyond luxxe and the details are so clean and crisp. I genuinely will be kicking it around Toronto, New York, London, Milan & Paris in these kicks… I can’t wait to share the other’s with you as well. There is such a diverse selection from classic to contemporary I genuinely am enjoying them all.. Click here for more information and details on the shoes above!

photography by MATT ADAM


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