I need a ‘HotelTonight’

So let me tell you all about my HotelTonight story… Some months back, not to many, I was in Paris for fashion week! One of the most chicest but busiest times for me and anyone else in my industry.. It was the last night and I had messed up on some booking details and didn’t have a hotel.. Not having a hotel during Paris Fashion Week means a) bus shelter or b) bus shelter.. Hotels (at least the nice ones) are sold out from door to door.. Basically it’s #HELL.. I was so afraid and didn’t know what to do and am not comfortable staying at hostels or other places that are not super secure, I am a little petite person you know, so I like to stay safe and refrain from allowing myself to fall into circumstances that might not be so….. appealing.. That being said, my friend said Mike said “don’t you have HotelTonight!?” IM like oh god here we go what is it? He told me about it and I downloaded it right away.. Because i was desperate, didn’t know what to expect and because again..

I was desperate for something.. anything… (4 stars or up of course).. So long behold I get ,the app and am a little frantic at first.. I start scrolling through and find salvation.. Really cool hotels right by the Louvre, 4-stars and up, luxurious and spacious for affordable and budget conscious rates… What I learned is that throughout the day and primarily during the evening hotels cut their rates last minute to book empty rooms and allow the app to share these rates with us the users! #HaLeLuYa…. New best part!?.. They recently vamped up the app because before you could only book the night of! Which yes, is amazing.. But now you can book up to a week in advance so if you want to have let’s say a last minute jump across the pond for a night or two, you can… #ThankYouHotelTonight

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