Today In The City

jacket DIESEL Black/Gold – pants black leather – shoes NIKE FlyKnit Lunar1

The city is finally cooling down which makes it absolutely ‘sane-looking’ of me to be in 80% leather attire. Besides the point (that I make it indefinitely clear that I love to wear leather) ~ The city has just winded down from an epic, epic, epic Toronto International Film Festival and a bunch of us (being the fashion folk) are all gearing up for Toronto Fashion Week. That being said, enter my new ‘Les Essentiels’.. First, as you may have seen it in about everything I have posted since acquiring it a couple weeks ago, my DIESEL Black/Gold leather biker jacket, which. is. actually. the. best. thing. that. happened. to. my closet. so far. this Fall… Then save space for the NIKE FlyKnit Lunar1’s I have been strutting around in since getting them as well! It’s funny because I actually now am so into equipping the kicks with the Nike shoepod thingy and running around the city (yes, I wear the watch as well to count my distance and calories **WERK!!**).. And so, back to the ranch, Toronto Fashion Week is coming up and I am looking to do a lot of exciting things with some great brands so staaaay tuned and wait and see!

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