The 4th Annual OVO Fest

When you know OVO Fest is coming around.. What do you do? You GO! You get tickets, however you may haha… And then you get ready for one of the most epic concerts you will probably ever go to!! I had never been to an OVO fest but obviously, being from Toronto, I knew of it’s legendary status! Bringing in some of the biggest names in the world all to show love to the city and you know, Drizzy Drake! I was lucky enough to be invited to OVO fest this year and am I seriously glad I was! This year had some of the most epic on stage moments I think I will ever come across…Untill, maybe the next OVO Fest! Drake lit up the stage along side Big Sean, French Montana, TLC YES TLC!!!, A$AP Rocky, P.Diddy, MA$E, J. Cole, Miguel, Lil Wayne, and Kanye West! It was a good day to be in Toronto to say the least!.. I had the pleasure of shooting the show from that little photographer pit right in front of the stage before the blockade blocks the crowd out so it’s safe to say I had a pretty good view of, uhm, everything!!! Here are just a few of the crazy moments I caught on camera for you guys!


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