+Hanging out with Donatella Versace!

So as you may know today I had the pleasure of hosting a Google+ hangout with Donatella Versace, Jonathan W. Anderson and the rest of the Versace team while here in New York with less than 24 hours to the huge Versus Versace launch party tomorrow here in New York City! It was so great to +hangout with Donnatella and J.W.Anderson as well as everyone else present like Susie Bubble, Simona Melani and Jeannie Mai!! Above is the full hangout for you to see if you missed it earlier today! It was live at the Versace boutique here in New York City on fifth avenue and was such a whirlwind adventure! I am so excited to of got a chance to meet with such an important person in fashion, work with such an iconic brand in fashion as well as one in the world of technology! ALSO don’t forget to check out the photowalk tomorrow which is going to be part of the live experience! I along with fellow bloggers and editors, celebs, etc. will be posting live photos from tomorrow night’s event straight to the Versus Versace community page which I mentioned which can be found here http://plus.google.com/+versace

Ciao Xx

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