ELIE SAAB Fall/Winter 2013

Elie Saab, king of the red carpet, continues to be one of the only designers who’s mastered the art of blending the perfect amount of sex-appeal, elegance and sophistication. With sheer, barely there fabrics, an eye for beautiful and always tastefully applied embroidery and appliques and just the right amount of skin, Mr. Saab, continues to captivate his audiences with romantic visions of effortlessly ethereal gowns, dresses, and more.

This season was no different in terms of skill and aesthetic, but, it was a pleasure to see new dimension in way of long billowing trousers, blouses and more adorned with luxxe fur jackets, capes, coats and accessories. This season Elie Saab really showed his talent is abroad any expectation. His attention to detail and proportion was well-played down the runway when models glazed the cat-walk in shades of blues and plums, yellows and whites.

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