YSL Arty Ring

O.k. let’s talk about the Yves Saint_laurent Arty Oval Ring for a second. I mean, you obviously know about it, have seen it on some of the coolest fingers in the biz and probably want one for yourself (if you aren’t already building a hand-full-literally!).. It’s such a cool piece and I have contemplated buying it a buzzilion times but the real question is… Would I really wear it? This, like many other pieces in the fashion world is slowly seeing price increases but, to compensate is bursting on to the scene with an array of color-combination’s. Hmm.. I do like it, maybe I’ll think about it during New York Fashion Week!… You can buy it now for $250USD on SSENSE in this wicked color bombo (above).. Let me know if you get it/how much you love it after so I can finally just cave in and stop thinking about it!

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