This Could Be BIG For Me & You

Haven’t been this happy to carry a handbag in such a long time! I am so in love with my new Celine Luggage Tote and think that it’s actually the perfect size for me. Anyways, as I said in my previous post this is going to be a big year and I will ensure that statement at any cost. I am seriously motivated, like Kelly Rowland – Motivation, motivated, like nothing can stop me motivated. I had this beautiful realization that the more I learn about myself and realize who I am, the more and more I realize and understand what I love and what I feel my purpose is.. This year is the year I feel like I am ready to do what I set out to do from the very beginning of all this. Now that it’s January all I can think about is New York Fashion Week and the fact that I turn 21 in a month and 1 day which means it is going DOWN in New York! I don’t know- I’m so stuffed with emotion, aren’t we all, it’s a new year! I can’t wait to see what happens.

T-Shirt, Givenchy – Sunglasses, Gianfranco Ferre – Bag, Celine – Pants, H&M x Trish Summerville – Boots, Doc Marten

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