Breakfast with YSL

I haven`t really sashayed into the world of beauty, cosmetic and hair product on my blog so when Daniella asked me to join her for a YSL Fall 2012 Beauty launch OBVIOUSLY I wasn’t going to say no. There were chic little bites, perseco and champagne being served oh and the main treat one of YSL’s very own resident make-up artists of over 10+ years sharing his expertise! Anyways, I just got back home from a very enlightening and intimate experience with some of YSL’s new line-up of beauty products for fall. From what I gathered from some of the other editors that were at the soiree, this is really exciting and a great line of products. The face concealer (which I did indeed try) was actually very light and smooth, the lip color (which I didn’t try) is a very good pigment and lasting stick. The color range seemed to be very vast and perfect for a bunch of skin types! O.k. this is it, NEXT TIME YOU SEE ME, I’m going to have a new face!

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