Official Toronto Lanvin for H&M LAUNCH

The time has come!! I woke up at 6:30am today to make sure I was on time to get into the doors with the rest of the media for the official launch and free-for all we’ve all been waiting for… LANVIN for H&M!!.. This was the first time I have ever gotten to attend one of the infamous and highly anticipated collaborations by H&M and as the receipt says “Guest Designer”…

From what I was over-hearing this was actually a very well structured and proper way of handling the usually monsterous crowds…I was a little sad to miss the rambunctious shoppers jump like hyenas in the african jungle for a sip at luxury.. I got to see the amazing team, Karen, Emily & Patrick shared a few words and then it was time to shine!! People literally camped out infront of H&M’s Eaton Center location for over 24 friggin hours so I was pretty fortunate to beat the madness.. After a super kinda long morning’s work it was finally time to jet off to work for the rest of the day and wait for GetJanet to get in so we could do what I was dying to do all day…. p.s… SUPER SPECIAL thank you to the 2 girls who helped me out the whole time I was in that pit of madness haha!!<33

Such a blast having a crazy fun fashion show!!! P..s… do you not love the spoof of BryanBoy’s in the bag look haha!! Super chic and supper funny haha!!!

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