New York Diaries Pt. I – TopShop Private Shopping

Ivan dropped us off at TopShop yesterday and little did I know what I was in for. @GetJanet (being the trained shopper there that she is) through me in to the lions den, the first ever lion’s den with cupcakes, two girls that were at your beck and call and a private second floor change room that was used by Lindsay Lohan the day prior!!.. I found some things that I blogged about prior to coming to NY from my TopShop top ten picks, I am so thrilled about my finds.. After the two hour private power shopping session at TopShop (thanks Melanie) we decided to go to Cafeteria.. Since I never heard or been to Cafeteria I turned to GetJanet and asked, is Cafeteria a buffet? LOL… She laughed at me…

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