Its packed here and its very fun!! Woohoo!
I’ve met some fun people,
and seen some beautiful things here atop of the Atlantis Pavillion..
There’s a beautiful view of the cn tower,
the rico colliseums lights in the skys and just the whole city…
Its amazing!!

I’m sitting beside Carrie Hayes
one of the designers showing tonight which is such a
privilege because she is so kind &
so is her communications agent…
I love meeting such nice people @ events..

Oh and did I mention I saw Muriel today in one of her amazing outfits..
If you don’t know who Muriel is then you must be dum! Haha..
I joke I joke.. She is a french designer who uses vintage clothing for her
creations.. She is the epitomy of recycled goods.. Its amazing…

There was a great intro video displaying and explaining the meaning of the show..
I really do vbelieve that this is such a great cause because everything they said in
the video is true.. Fair Trade & Organic is the way to go.. Because consumers
really do have the power..

It was a good event all the way around!! I met most of the designers..
Only the ones I found intriguing (you know whom you are haha)..
I had good laughs with Anita Clarke (@GeekiGirl) & Danielle Meder (@FinalFashion)!!..
Hung out with a couple of my fashion besties a.k.a Nolan & Marissa..
And got to see some amazing pieces and some that dulled the coloring of my retinas
lol.. Whatever that didn’t make sense lol but yes!!!
Good show & special thanks to
Ali Sulemani for making the event so fun haha..

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